If there is one book that you should read and have in your library, this Romans commentary is the one. It is a massively important work for all who love the Lord Jesus Christ. Holland’s labour of love brings forth the rich Jewish theology and corporate worldview of the Apostle Paul that is so often overlooked by our individualistic Western presuppositions. Seeing Romans afresh through the lens of the Apostle’s Jewish mindset is both engaging and enlightening. Holland delves into the text with all the integrity and acumen of a true biblical scholar, seeking at every turn to discover the root context of the corporate Hebrew understanding. He shows that Yahweh has covenanted himself in marriage, through Jesus Christ, to his redeemed people, thus fulfilling the entire Messianic hope of the Old Testament scriptures. The salvation accomplished by Jesus is shown to be the grand eschatological fulfillment of all that Israel’s Passover and Exodus redemption prefigured. This commentary is thoughtfully written at a level for all Christians to enjoy and is both warmly pastoral and deeply instructive. This work is a gift of love to the Church of Jesus Christ. May the Lord add his heavenly blessing upon it for the edification of the new covenant community.

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