Chris Hanna

Tom Holland has once again passionately argued for an alternative reading of the New Testament in his latest contribution to biblical studies, “Romans: The Divine Marriage.” Picking up where he left off in his earlier work, “Contours of Pauline Theology,” Holland continues his relentless demand that Paul must be read through an Old Testament lens. “Only when we have exhausted the Old Testament’s theology,” says Holland, “should we look at the possibility that the apostle was writing outside of the thought-patterns of his own upbringing.”

This bold, fresh approach to New Testament studies is a powerful corrective to the many eclectic readings that have been passed off as sound biblical scholarship for decades. Anyone reading “Romans” will immediately sense and appreciate Holland’s clear, straightforward approach to biblical studies.

“Romans: The Divine Marriage,” should be required reading for anyone interested in developing a rich understanding of the New Testament’s message of the grace of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chris Hanna

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